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For more information about any of these projects, feel free to get in touch.

Amsel & Montenegro

Crime Drama Series (EN)

So, your priceless Rembrandt has been stolen. The detectives and the lawyers have failed you. You need someone who will take the initiative and run some risks, someone who is willing to break a few rules and a few noses. Then you came to the right place. Amsel and Montenegro, an art historian and a former thief will solve mysteries, infiltrate gangs, and do whatever it takes to recover your priceless piece of art.
If they catch the criminal in the process… consider it an unintended bonus.


Comedy Webseries (ES) -- (In Development)

Four engineers spend six months in a simulated lunar habitat as they compete for a spot in NASA's next mission to the moon. Although they face difficult challenges and constant performance evaluations, their biggest hurdle is something no one foresaw: All of them are ardent football fans. Each one is passionate about a different team.

Ágata y el secuestro de la Tricolor

Crime Series (ES)

Cut out from her family’s drug-trafficking legacy, Agata wanted to distinguish herself as a brilliant criminal mastermind, but when she manages to kidnap Mexico’s entire national football team, she’ll realize it’s a lot more than she can handle on her own.


Drama/Comedy Series (ES) -- (In development)

After several years abroad, Felipe returns to his native Costa Rica and struggles to resume the life he had left behind. The series follows him and his group of friends as everyday life confronts them with issues of identity and belonging, within a Latin American context.

Alpha Gal

Crime Drama Series (EN) -- (Optioned)

Everybody knows Detective Goodnight is the best in the world-- however he's just a fictional character played by famous actor Lawrence Bloom. But when Lawrence's girlfriend mysteriously disappears during their holiday in the Italian Alps and the police refuse to help, Lawrence will have to take on the case himself and apply his fictional skills to a real-life problem. It's a crime drama with a touch of humor, about the intersection of real-life crimes and the crimes we watch for fun.


Limited Series. Adventure. (EN)

Antarctic explorer, mountain climber, treasure hunter. Captain Ambrose Xanadu turned his life of adventures into an empire of books, documentaries and museums around the world. He gained international acclaim when he found a legendary treasure off the Australian coast. In truth, it had all been staged. The gold was provided by mercenaries who stole it from an African dictator and Xanadu's job was to "launder" this golden fortune by making it seem like a long-lost sunken treasure. Xanadu betrayed the mercenaries and left them to die, taking everything for himself. Now, six years later, they are back. Conquistador is a modern-day adventure featuring an ensemble cast of mercenaries, thieves and pirates, all pretending to be explorers.

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